At Düraamen of Boston, we understand the importance of correct flooring for homes, offices and everywhere else!

From decorative to industrial, Düraamen of Boston offers premium flooring solutions that deliver great life-cycle costs, superior durability and spectacular performance. We provide the industry experience and product quality to meet the needs of your specific flooring and coating needs. When you need artistic floors with a tailor-made finish, you can depend on us for a variety of beautiful and reliable flooring solutions.

Industrial/Resinous Flooring Systems

We have been creating highly durable resinous flooring systems since (2013).

Düraamen of Boston is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers and installers of high-performance resinous flooring systems. Our flooring systems last 3 times longer than conventional flooring options and meet the demands of every industry we service. These are created to provide versatility and functionality in high traffic areas and places subjected to thermal shock and chemical spills among other things.

Decorative Concrete Flooring

We also offer the highest quality decorative concrete solutions available. The lineup includes a wide range of solutions to help create a beautiful and long lasting concrete application.

The Düraamen of Boston concrete experts can even provide you with a beautiful, artistic overlay that can be stamped or colored, or both. We have the knowledge, skill and products to achieve your goals.

More About Düraamen of Boston

At Düraamen of Boston, our main focus is always our customers. This means that we are always striving to get you value for your money. Our customers trust us to deliver the right flooring for their needs. But they also get a great return on investment.

We do this by asking the right questions before the job ever begins. Our experienced technical staff listens to our customers to get an understanding of how the floor will be used, what it will be exposed to and the estimated time-line for the job. The end product has always fulfilled the customers’ expectations. And we are proud of it!

Choosing us to provide industrial, resinous and concrete flooring services will get you the following advantages:

  • Timely Delivery: All projects are completed on time and within budget. That’s a Düraamen promise!
  • Industry-leading Services: Our technical experts use the most up-to-date methods to create an end-product that surpasses expectations.
  • Beautiful Finish: Our engineers are great at aesthetics. We work closely with the architects, designers and decorators to ensure that the final product looks as great as it works!
  • Strong Lines of Communication: Expect to stay on top of all the details related to your project. Any updates regarding progress or hold ups will be communicated in real time.
  • Numerous Choices: We manufacture decorative concrete flooring, resinous flooring systems and a long line-up of industrial flooring products. We are a one-stop shop for all flooring related needs.
  • Technical Expertise: Our expert flooring consultants put their experience to work, and are available to guide you, all the way from specifications to product delivery.

We aim to offer the best expertise and services in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive line of flooring solutions and how we can help to make your next project an absolute success.