This manufacturing facility uses a polyaspartic coating to protect their floor.

Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic coatings, sealants, and topcoats are a viable option for preserving industrial and concrete flooring. Düraamen of Boston has the skills and expertise to help you choose the appropriate coating for your industrial floor. Polyaspartic is a type of polyurea that has been refined over time as a means to resist corrosion and cracks, improve staining, and withstand the weight of expensive tools, vehicles, and technical equipment.

Polyaspartic coatings are perhaps the toughest coatings available and are ideal for use in industrial, manufacturing, commercial, and other facilities. It also can be applied over decorative floor treatments often found in commercial showrooms and conference centers.

So why use it? A chief benefit is that Düraamen of Boston specialists can apply it in nearly any temperature—from an airport hangar to a storage garage. We recommend it as a means to combat the effects of abrasions, corrosion, chemical spills, and discoloration that can compromise the strength and durability of industrial and concrete floors. With a polyaspartic coating, you won’t need to worry about hot-tire pickup or a dirty oil spill marring your industrial floor.

This coating also will:

  • bond easily to most concrete surfaces
  • cure to full strength in about an hour
  • are flexible enough to meld small cracks
  • can withstand high temperatures during application process
  • offer superior stain and ultraviolet resistance
  • emit low to zero VOC and odor
  • enhance the brilliance of decorative flooring

While epoxy coatings remain the standard bearer for industrial and concrete floors, increasingly, polyaspartic coatings are becoming the floor coating of choice for its flexibility, and superior quality. It takes less time to install and dry, allowing a manufacturing plant, airport hangar, packaging center, or a medical laboratory to experience a quick return to service.

Epoxy coatings are a reliable and long-wearing flooring sealant but are generally less flexible and less resistant to abrasion, cannot be applied in sub-zero temperatures, and may not be colorfast.

Düraamen of Boston considers polyaspartic coatings more durable than epoxy coatings and require minimal maintenance; a mere dry sweep and wet mop will keep your industrial floor in top shape. It also will preserve your industrial floor year in and year out without fading, cracking, or scratching.

Proper preparation and application is key. Düraamen of Boston has the creativity and know-how to handle your industrial and concrete flooring needs. Contact a Düraamen of Boston representative for expert advice and installation tips.

Our Concrete Resurfacing Can Make Your Interior Feel Brand New Again


Quick Turn-Around Industrial Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Quick Turn-Around Industrial Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Do you have interior concrete floors that are discolored, pitting, or showing serious signs of wear? Are you considering having the floors removed and having new concrete put in? If so, hold on a minute! Interior concrete resurfacing is a great way to make those old floors look brand new again without having to go to the trouble and the expense of having your old floors removed. Even if your floors are stained and deteriorated, we can ensure that when we are finished, they are more beautiful than you ever imagined they could be.

One option that you will find is that we can easily add color to your concrete to give it a new look. You can choose a solid color, or you can select a color that gives the appearance of marble, granite, or other natural stone. Both are excellent options and can help you save significantly over the cost of purchasing a new floor or buying expensive natural stone and having it installed. If you are looking for something truly elaborate, you can also have decorative and detailed designs stenciled into your concrete for an elegant look.

There are many benefits to concrete resurfacing instead of replacing the concrete floors in your home. Not only is it far less time and labor consuming, but you will find that it is surprisingly inexpensive. It also allows you a very wide range of design options, affording you the ability to design practically any floor that you can dream up. There are numerous textures, styles, patterns, and colors for you to choose from, and your finished floor will be able to stand up to scratches, heavy foot traffic, drops and more. With the right coating, you can also ensure that your floor is slip resistant.

At Duraamen of Boston, we take great pride in our interior concrete refinishing services. We work with business and homeowners to help create intricate, beautiful floors that are designed to outlast most other high performance floors. If your concrete is cracking, stained, or just doesn’t look good anymore, contact us for a quote or to learn more about what concrete refinishing can do for your floors. We will be happy to answer your questions and to teach you more about the benefits of refinishing your concrete. If you are looking for a durable, cost-effective solution, this is it!

Commercial Floors Never Looked Better Than They Do With Our Touch

Are you in the market for new commercial flooring? If so, finding the right installer for your flooring is more critical than you might think. Not all installers are created equal, and you want someone who can provide you with exactly the flooring you desire in a way that ensures that it will last for many years to come. At Duraamen of Boston, we take great pride in the job we do, and we are able to provide a level of quality on commercial floors that many companies simply cannot rival.

Virtually Any Design Element You Choose

One of the best things about our decorative concrete floors is that you can pick almost any design element in the world. If you are looking for high performance floors that look like marble, slate, or other natural stone, we can easily do that for you. But we can also do much more. If you are looking for a floor with a complex color pattern or even one that prominently features your company logo, you will find that our skilled team can do it with ease. Your flooring is one of the first impressions that a visitor will have of your company, so you owe it to your business to choose something attractive that will stand out.

Durability and Longevity Add to the Benefits

While a great aesthetic is important for commercial flooring, it doesn’t matter if it is just going to show wear in a few years. When you choose high performance decorative concrete from Duraamen of Boston, you are choosing flooring that is designed to last. We create floors that can stand up to chemicals, extreme temperatures, high traffic, and more, and we can make sure that they are resistant to both wear and slipping. After all, the safety of your customers and employees is important when choosing a flooring option.

In truth, you have many options when it comes to flooring experts, but Duraamen of Boston wants to be the only choice for you. Our decorative concrete commercial floors are designed to last for years to come while providing your business with an aesthetic that is certain to capture the attention of even the most discerning customer. Don’t settle for inexpensive carpet that you will need to replace in just a few years when you can opt for decorative concrete in virtually any look you can imagine!

Concrete Floor Boston

Concrete Floor Repair for Boston Businesses

 Boston is one of the country’s oldest major metropolitan areas. Over time, the population has grown, as have the number of businesses that call Boston home. As the market has become more competitive, it is important for businesses to find every advantage possible. In today’s economy, a successful business should provide quality service with low costs while maintaining a style that is pleasing to the eye. For these reasons, the use of concrete flooring has grown tremendously in Boston.

Once used mainly for warehouses, you can now find concrete flooring in retail shops, coffee houses, medical offices and many more businesses in the city and surrounding areas. Sometimes, thanks to design innovation in the concrete industry, you may not even notice that a floor is concrete. It may look like stone, brick, tile or another more expensive material. Of course, concrete is not perfect and damage to floors may occur. In such instances, a company may need concrete floor repair in Boston.

Signs of Concrete Floor Damage

There are plenty of obvious signs your concrete has been damaged. Cracks and breaks are easy to spot and are most common in outside areas that are exposed to the sun and wet weather conditions, especially if the concrete has not been treated with a seal or coating. Additionally, wear and tear can affect concrete of all types, both indoors and out. Stains and discoloration may develop for a variety of reasons, including spills or sun damage.

Decades ago, replacing damaged concrete was common practice. But now your concrete floors can be repaired instead. Boston businesses can utilize resurfacing methods to make concrete floors look new again. Though it is a simple process, consider working through a trusted professional for the best results.

 Resurfacing Concrete Floors

Repairing Boston businesses’ floors is a simple process for a licensed pro. First, the area should be cleaned of all debris, including chips and broken pieces of concrete. The floors should be swept and a cleaning agent should be applied. Then, it is best to pressure wash the entire floor to make it as clean as it can be. A trusted concrete contractor will test the floors and ensure the surface is safe, and then fix cracks or other damaged areas.

Concrete floor repair in Boston often includes a self-leveling concrete with additional toppings to increase durability and safety. This may include nonslip products, as well as specific design elements to make a floor look better than ever.

 Add Design To Your Concrete Floor

Because you have enlisted the help of a trusted concrete contractor, you will have many design options for your resurfaced floors. Concrete can be color treated, stained or painted, and designs and patterns may be implemented with stencils or other tools.

Maintaining a business is hard, but maintaining your concrete flooring does not have to be. Thanks to a quality concrete floor repair, your Boston business’ floors will look as good as new, and will stay that way.


Installing Stained Concrete Floors in Boston

It is all too easy to picture plain and unexciting gray or light brown when imagining a concrete floor. Chances are you’ve seen one in a basement or garage- it may even be your floor right now. However, just because concrete is naturally that drab color doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Stained concrete floors in Boston can be the perfect option for any area like a garage, basement, or workshop – somewhere that needs a hard durable floor but that you would still like to have some personality.

Using a stained concrete floor in a Boston home will give you a rich color that won’t fade, wear, or wash away. Stains actually react with components of the concrete, so the color becomes part of the slab itself. This means that they can even be used on floors that were not just installed, so if you do have a concrete floor currently, you can use a concrete stain on that. However, it is often recommended to get a repair overlay on older concrete floors before staining them, as staining older floors could actually highlight imperfections. Be aware of any flaws in a floor before you have it stained.

Your stained concrete floors in Boston will also be perfectly unique. Because the stain reacts with the slab, each floor will turn out differently, even if treated with the same color stain. You cannot achieve a lot of different colors with stains – they are mostly earthy tones like browns, oranges, and greens – but variation still exists in a subtler form. The way the stain interacts with each floor is different. Also, if it is being used as a floor treatment, this is rarely a problem, as more neutral colors are preferred for flooring anyway, generally speaking.

So that you will get the colors and appearances you want, it is best to have a professional install your stained concrete floors in Boston. Duraamen of Boston can help. We have high quality Duraamen acid stains and we know how to work with them to achieve the effects you desire. Additionally, we can advise you on whether you can stain your concrete floor as is or whether you will need a concrete overlay to achieve an even color. We also offer additional products like concrete sealers that will help your stained concrete floor in Boston last longer. 

Practical Concrete Flooring for Boston Businesses

If you are constructing or refurbishing a business in Boston, you probably have a hundred things on your mind. It’s easy to take your floors for granted, but it’s also a mistake. Flooring should fit the aesthetic of your company or business, but it should also be able to stand up to the wear and tear that will be placed on it. Whether that means large amounts of foot traffic from customers or employees or even heavier industrial traffic, your floor needs to be able to handle it for a long time to come. You don’t want to have to close down to replace or repair it any time soon. One great choice is concrete flooring for Boston businesses.

As far as durability, there are few substances that can beat properly sealed concrete flooring for a Boston business. Concrete itself is very tough and takes a long time to wear down. It provides a sturdy surface for people or even industrial vehicles like forklifts to move on. Using the right overlay and sealant offers additional benefits. Concrete flooring in Boston is a good choice when it is sealed, because it resists water very well. With the amount of water that employees or customers might be tracking in on their shoes, it’s a good idea to have floors that won’t be damaged by it.

Concrete flooring in a Boston business doesn’t have to be boring, either. There are all kinds of options in decorating your concrete floor so that it matches the look of your business. With stamps, stains, dyes, and textures to choose from, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to make your concrete flooring look as chic as your business. Because of the way the floors are installed, it’s usually very easy to create a customized floor that will set your business apart.

Duraamen of Boston is a local concrete flooring contractor with nationally recognized products. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to getting concrete floors installed. You have local workers who understand the needs of your environment and who don’t have to transport supplies long distances. Additionally, you get a brand that you know you can trust because it has been used all over the country in residential, commercial, and even industrial products. Duraamen of Boston will get you concrete flooring that looks amazing.

Stained Concrete Floors for Beauty and Durability

If you’re building or renovating your place of business, and are considering treatments for your business flooring that are both durable and attractive, consider stained concrete. Stained concrete floors mimic the look of natural stone, marble, wood, or other high-end building materials. This is done by incorporating color onto a concrete surface. Stained concrete floors can add a unique appearance to your business’s flooring, providing a durable finish that will stand up to the test of time.

Stained Concrete Duraamen Boston

Stained Concrete Duraamen Boston





There are two types of concrete stain:

  1. Chemical Stains: Also called acid stains, these react with the concrete through the incorporation of hydrochloric or phosphoric acids. This is the technique most commonly used when the client wants the floor to appear natural or earth-toned. The acids in the concrete mix open up pockets in the concrete that allow metallic salts to enter and then react with the material. Although results are usually very satisfactory, the color and age of the existing concrete along with the kind of aggregate that is used can affect the results. Weather conditions at the time of application, moisture, and the porousness of the existing concrete are also factors.

The translucent and variegated effects that can be produced using the acid staining method give acid staining an advantage over water-based staining, although either method can deliver very pleasing results.

  1. Water-Based Stains: Water-based stains are non-reactive, and therefore safer to use than acid-based stains. Because the color transfer doesn’t rely on chemical reactions, the results are more predictable than with an acid stain. Water-based stains won’t give the dramatic effects that you can get from acid-based staining, but you will get more uniform color.

Staining concrete is not a project recommended for do-it-yourselfers. It is essential that the technical aspects of the process are fully understood, and that the contractor has the knowledge and equipment required to carry it out effectively. In this way, the results are guaranteed.

If you are contemplating stained concrete floors in your place of business, Duraamen of Boston can advise you and work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the stunning stained concrete floor that will delight you for a long time to come. We have the knowledge and the products needed to ensure your satisfaction, and would welcome an opportunity to serve you.

Call Duraamen of Boston today at 617-564-0650 for a free estimate. You’ll be glad you did.

Industrial Floors for Concrete Protection

When choosing a flooring system, durability, safety, and easy maintenance are paramount. An industrial concrete floor has to be able to stand up to impact that is caused by equipment and/or heavy foot traffic. It also needs to be resistant to oils and chemicals. The wrong flooring system isn’t going to deliver the proper results.


Duraamen Industrial Flooring

Duraamen Industrial Flooring

At Duraamen of Boston, our purpose is to ensure that our clients get the right flooring system, and that our floors meet the most stringent standards.

Concrete is a commonly used building material, but it has certain properties that make it vulnerable. Although it is very strong, it can crack and be subject to defects. If a protective coating is applied to the concrete, it becomes much more resistant to damage.

There are protective barriers that can bond with concrete in order to prevent corrosion or abrasions, while enhancing the appearance of the floor:

Trowel Applied Epoxy Mortar: This is a thick, resinous blend that is very appropriate for industrial settings where heavy wear is a concern.

High Build Epoxy: This is a system that consists of an epoxy body coat along with a protective topcoat of polyaspartics or polyurethane.

Self-Leveling Epoxy: This is used in areas where an even, seamless floor surface is essential.

Polyaspartic Systems: These provide protection and visual appeal, and are similar to epoxy in that they consist of a resinous material mixed with a catalyst.

Whatever your requirements, Duraamen of Boston has an industrial floor solution for you. There are advantages to both epoxy and polyaspartic flooring systems. Epoxy has been popular for a long time, due to its resistance to heat damage and also to damage from corrosives such as battery acid. However, it can take epoxy some time to dry (usually anywhere between 1 and 3 days). Polyaspartics also provide a durable finish, although they are equally resistant to corrosives. Polyaspartics dry very quickly, so it’s actually possible for you to be back in your place of business on the day of the installation.

Both epoxy and polyaspartics are strong on aesthetic appeal. They come in a wide range of colors, and you can even add chips to the mix in order to create a flecked effect. Polyaspartics and epoxy can also be made slip-resistant with the addition of sand or aggregates.

At Duraamen of Boston, we constantly endeavor to exceed your expectations. Contact us for any industrial flooring project, regardless of complexity or size. We offer free estimates, so give us a call at 617-564-0650.


Polished Concrete Floors

What Is Polished Concrete?

The term Polished Concrete can be sometimes construed as something it’s not.  Polished concrete is often simply the term used for a shiny smooth concrete finish.  Whether or not a surface is polished is the context of the term.

Many concrete floor contractors around Boston, MA. believe polished concrete only refers to a mechanical grinding and honing of a concrete surface rendering it smooth and shiny.  Other designers and architects refer to a shiny finish as polished.

Either way polished concrete is a finish that transforms dull, rough or old concrete surfaces into durable, attractive, low maintenance floors.   Duraamen uses specialized polymer modified cement resurfacing systems to provide a polished look and finish.  To get a the look of “polished” you can go about it a few ways.

Polishing an existing concrete slab using colloidal silica based densifier for hardening and allowing the cement to be polished.  This is a mechanical process and will not fix the concrete nor hide imperfection in the concrete slab.

Self Leveling Concrete is a great way to renew the surface of a damaged concrete slab as well as level it to give a uniform, smooth and polished look.  Self leveling concrete floors can be polished with a mechanical polishing machine or coated to give a shine and stain resistance.

Microtoppings like Terrazzi are able to resurface an old concrete slab and provide a beautiful polished concrete surface.  These types of toppings are ideal when an engineered and controlled look is desired.

What Concrete Surfaces Can Be Polished?

With the various product and techniques available almost any concrete surface can have a polished finish.  For purely mechanical polishing the cement surface needs to be hard and in pretty good condition.  For other old, damaged surfaces you will want to focus on a resurfacing systems like self level or microtopping.

How Is Polished Concrete different than other types of floors?

For example lets compare to tile, carpet, and wood. (The top 3)

Polished concrete is harder and more durable than wood, less maintenance and easier to clean than tile and grout, and easier to clean than carpet.

Polished concrete Is permanent and can be maintained for an indefinite lifespan.

Polished floors improve ambient light with reflective qualities.  Lowers electricity costs.

What are my design options and color choices with Polished Concrete?

Boston residents and business owners use Polished Concrete in many different applications.  One of the reasons for it’s diverse use, is it’s ability to be decorative.  Concrete floors can be stained like wood and sealed for easy maintenance and to add a sheen.  Concrete floor can be carved or cut into patterns or custom designs, and different colors can be used to make almost any design.  You can do a custom border, or logo and because concrete is one large floor finish you are not limited by tile squares or planks of wood.

If you are interested in learning more about polished concrete we service:

Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island and all surrounding areas.  We also have affiliate offices across the country.

Retail Floor Concrete

Duraamen of Boston Offers Quick Turn-Around Industrial Polyaspartic Coating Systems

Duraamen of Boston now provides it’s commercial, industrial and construction clients a super fast industrial flooring installation time – one of the best in the industry – without compromising performance.

It’s true: the new Duraamen of Boston Polyaspartic Floor Coating Systems are dry to the touch in less than 3 hours, and can have light foot traffic in as little as 4-6!
Thanks to technological advances, Duraamen of Boston clients can now own an industrial strength decorative concrete floor coating, which has many benefits to every home and business owner in the greater Boston area.

Duraamen of Boston Polyaspartic Coating Systems provides a 100% Polyaspartic system that is:

• More abrasion resistant than epoxy
• Chemical resistant
• UV Stable – offering superior color & gloss retention
• Flexible
• VOC compliant
• Superior concrete adhesion properties compared to epoxies & urethanes

Instead of the brittle, UV fading epoxies/urethanes Duraamen of Boston’s Polyaspartic coating is fully UV stable, which means it can also be installed outdoors for patios, driveways, and as a waterproof coating.

Call Duraamen of Boston today for your next industrial floor coating project and see the difference in the Duraamen brand and expert installations.