Boston Concrete Floors Featured on Concrete Ideas

Polished Concrete Floor BostonOne of the leading concrete information and directory sites for concrete has featured Duraamen of Boston.  Concrete coatings and decorative concrete finishes in Boston have become a very popular floor choice.  Duraamen had expanded it’s dealer base again and is serving more and more clients every month.  The popularity of concrete floors is due to it’s beauty and customization possibilities, not to mention a number of benefits that range from Easy maintenance and cost effectiveness compared to other floor covering materials.

Boston experiences a range of climates throughout the year and is also faced with salt and deicing materials that can cause havoc on almost any floor.  Concrete could be an option in helping stretch out the life of a floor with chemical resistant coatings, sealers and easy to clean smooth surfaces.  If you want to learn more please about Duraamen of Boston’s floors and finishes please fill out the form for a no obligation consultation.