Retail Floor Concrete

It is no wonder that concrete floors are becoming a popular choice for both home owners and businesses alike.  Concrete floors are very common to see around but not often understood.  In the past you might find a concrete floor in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, but today you might be surprised to see them all around you.

Concrete floors are often disguised as other materials and made to look look nothing like concrete.  It is often the goal of the installer to mimic or match other types of floors and floor covering materials.

In order to create a unique, custom concrete floor you need the right tools and products for the job.  Duraamen not only manufactures a full line of products and systems but our installers in Boston, MA are trained and qualified to use them.

When designing and planning a concrete floor solutions it is important to take into consideration all the factors of a useful functional floor.

Some considerations and benefits to using Concrete as finished floor

Tough and Durable:  Concrete floors are very resilient and extremely tough.  Concrete can take a beating and maintain it appearance and beauty.  In industrial settings concrete is used as a floor solution for heavy trucks and forklifts, heavy equipment and crates and abrasion resistance from dragging tools and supplies.

Low Maintenance: An easy to maintain floor allows for more time to do other things, it save on cleaning materials, labor and makes it easy to keep the floor looking great.  Typical maintenance on a concrete floor involves, dust mopping, and damp mopping.  Thats it.  It’s hard to beat the low maintenance of a concrete floor.

Eco & Environmentally Friendly:   Concrete floors are often already a part of the building.  Concrete is used as a foundation and structural floor.  This makes for an obvious choice when looking for a solutions that is Green and Environmentally conscious. Use the current concrete slab and then add a finish to it or polish it to a shine.  Very little impact on the environment from manufactured materials and floor coverings to worry about.

Versatile: When using concrete you can choose your color, pattern and finish.  You can decorate the existing concrete with colors or cover it up with a coating or decorative concrete resurfacing system.  Either way the floor can be made to look any way you choose.  

Longevity: How long a floor system lasts is a very important factor when choosing a floor finish.  When high traffic, and wear would normally cause you to replace a floor every few years, concrete can be maintained, resealed or re-polished, it won’t necessarily need to be replaced.  Check into your options for a long lasting floor solution.

Design Options: Designing a floor can be limiting with other types of floor coverings.  Concrete can have a number of variables mixed and matched to create a virtually limitless number of design choices.  

Here are a few options to consider when designing a concrete floor:

Stain color:  Translucent colors that can be added to the surface of concrete to create color variations and depth.

Solid color: A solid consistent color useful in shops and areas where you want a clean consistent look.

Concrete Coatings: From thin microtopping, to stampable overlays, and self leveling toppings you can use concrete overlays to create a new canvas either textured or smooth to begin your design.

Special Effects: Metallic coatings, Color Flake Epoxy, Quartz finish are just some of the textured and functional finishes that can be added to concrete, these will be sure to get heads turning in awe.