But why do I need commercial flooring for my industry and/or garage? Won’t the regular floors do just as well?

Our commercial floors are resistant to anything that might compromise your work. At Duraamen of Boston, we use EPA registered, anti microbial components when laying down the industrial floors to make sure that these remain free of any viruses, bacteria, yeast or other microbes that may hinder or compromise your work. Our commercial flooring solutions are also resistant to mold, fungus and staining. This works especially well for commercial kitchens and public restrooms.

When looking for industrial flooring, you will also want floors that are easy to clean. This means no cracks, crevices, pores or pockets. We use specialized epoxy floor coatings are laid in such a manner that no areas remain for grit, grime and soil to hide in. these can be cleaned easily and last for ages as well.

All in all, or commercial and industrial flooring solutions will be more cost effective, practical, profitable and manageable for you in the long run.