Why choose Duraamen of Boston to install my industrial, commercial and concrete flooring?

Well for starters, we have the experience. Our flooring experts work with designers, builders, remodellers, architects and home owners from all over the United States

Secondly, we have made sure that all over flooring technicians and crew are trained to create highly artistic and durable designs. We know the important of having floors that are worth the effort and expense because after all, you can’t change your floors like your curtains. We ensure a beautiful result the first time and our crew is the key!

And lastly, we give you the best, most competitive prices. Yes sometimes we may charge you more than the next guy but you can rest assured that you will get value for every dollar that you spend with us. That’s a Duraamen promise!

Will my new floors be slip resistant and wear resistant?

Our technical staff will keep in mind the usage and conditions when laying down your floors. If your floor will be subjected to wet conditions, we recommend adding a non-skid finish coat to ensure slip-resistance. Our epoxy flooring is textured but with a non abrasive surface that will guarantee slip-resistance in dry conditions.

As far as wear-resistance is concerned, we only use high quality epoxy flooring that stands up to traffic and harsh weather spectacularly. Remember, at Duraamen of Boston, you get the best epoxy floors because we say no to solvents, fillers or any type of diluting agents.

Our on-slip, wear-resistant epoxy flooring solutions are perfect for kitchens, clinics, aquatic centers, restrooms and anywhere else that needs these qualities.

The floors at my establishment are subjected to all sorts of abuse. Can your work stand up to extensive chemical use, extreme temperatures?

We have worked with a number of industries to create customized flooring solutions for them. Our industrial floors have been soaked in grease, oil, acids, blood and all sorts of things. We assure you that such abuse will have absolutely no effect on the durability, provided the cleanup is immediate and complete.

Whether you have a kitchen with many grills and fryers or commercial coolers and freezers. Our resinous epoxy flooring will perform immaculately in both these extreme temperature conditions. In fact, our industrial flooring retains its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties even at these temperatures.

Can you make my commercial floors attractive? May be add our logo or some color? I am not feeling the dull, boring colors!

Absolutely! We strongly believe that commercial and industrial doesn’t need to be gray and dreary. Attractive yet professional designs can leave a great first impression of your premises on the visitors and customers.

When you choose Duraamen of Boston to do the floors, the design possibilities are virtually endless! You can separate colored floors for different areas, order custom borders and mats as well as add logos to the floors. We can create intricate designs and the most complicated patterns and logos on to your commercial floors.

How “environmentally friendly” are your commercial flooring options?

Our epoxy flooring solutions can help your premises become more environment conscious. With the help of our flooring your offices will:

  • Consume less water during cleaning
  • Minimize the use of pesticide and insecticide. The seamless nature of our floors won’t leave a place for the critters to hide.
  • Decrease your carbon foot print. Our epoxy floors don’t propagate evaporation and contamination because these are completely solvent-free.

But why do I need commercial flooring for my industry and/or garage? Won’t the regular floors do just as well?

Our commercial floors are resistant to anything that might compromise your work. At Duraamen of Boston, we use EPA registered, anti microbial components when laying down the industrial floors to make sure that these remain free of any viruses, bacteria, yeast or other microbes that may hinder or compromise your work. Our commercial flooring solutions are also resistant to mold, fungus and staining. This works especially well for commercial kitchens and public restrooms.

When looking for industrial flooring, you will also want floors that are easy to clean. This means no cracks, crevices, pores or pockets. We use specialized epoxy floor coatings are laid in such a manner that no areas remain for grit, grime and soil to hide in. these can be cleaned easily and last for ages as well.

All in all, or commercial and industrial flooring solutions will be more cost effective, practical, profitable and manageable for you in the long run.

What other options do I have, if I want something for my industrial, heavy traffic floors?

Our flooring products are extensively used in commercial kitchens, garages, laboratories and other industries that subject their floors to rigorous use.

Our professional experts will work with you to select the most appropriate floors from the multitude of choices available with Duraamen of Boston. We provide state-of-the art epoxy flooring systems, urethane concrete flooring and garage floor coatings that are perfect for commercial use.

How difficult will it be to clean and maintain concrete floors?

Walk-off matts!

Use these at every entrance to ensure that dirt and grit don’t make it onto your new flooring. This will help maintain the appearance of the floors.

Sweep the floors everyday and use a mild detergent or floor cleaner once a week to clean your new floors. If your concrete floors were sealed with an acrylic sealer, you will need to periodically recoat the floors with wax to maintain the shine. Do this once every six months for medium traffic areas.

Great, but how long does it take for your guys to finish a concrete floor covering project?

Okay, let’s see. It takes our crew anywhere between 3 to 6 days to finish the flooring on a 5000 sq. ft. space. But this is a very basic estimate. If your job includes complicated designs, customized logos and multiple colors, your project will take longer.

So it all really depends on area, design requirements and substrate conditions. But we do promise to get it done on the earliest!