Polished Concrete Floors

What Is Polished Concrete?

The term Polished Concrete can be sometimes construed as something it’s not.  Polished concrete is often simply the term used for a shiny smooth concrete finish.  Whether or not a surface is polished is the context of the term.

Many concrete floor contractors around Boston, MA. believe polished concrete only refers to a mechanical grinding and honing of a concrete surface rendering it smooth and shiny.  Other designers and architects refer to a shiny finish as polished.

Either way polished concrete is a finish that transforms dull, rough or old concrete surfaces into durable, attractive, low maintenance floors.   Duraamen uses specialized polymer modified cement resurfacing systems to provide a polished look and finish.  To get a the look of “polished” you can go about it a few ways.

Polishing an existing concrete slab using colloidal silica based densifier for hardening and allowing the cement to be polished.  This is a mechanical process and will not fix the concrete nor hide imperfection in the concrete slab.

Self Leveling Concrete is a great way to renew the surface of a damaged concrete slab as well as level it to give a uniform, smooth and polished look.  Self leveling concrete floors can be polished with a mechanical polishing machine or coated to give a shine and stain resistance.

Microtoppings like Terrazzi are able to resurface an old concrete slab and provide a beautiful polished concrete surface.  These types of toppings are ideal when an engineered and controlled look is desired.

What Concrete Surfaces Can Be Polished?

With the various product and techniques available almost any concrete surface can have a polished finish.  For purely mechanical polishing the cement surface needs to be hard and in pretty good condition.  For other old, damaged surfaces you will want to focus on a resurfacing systems like self level or microtopping.

How Is Polished Concrete different than other types of floors?

For example lets compare to tile, carpet, and wood. (The top 3)

Polished concrete is harder and more durable than wood, less maintenance and easier to clean than tile and grout, and easier to clean than carpet.

Polished concrete Is permanent and can be maintained for an indefinite lifespan.

Polished floors improve ambient light with reflective qualities.  Lowers electricity costs.

What are my design options and color choices with Polished Concrete?

Boston residents and business owners use Polished Concrete in many different applications.  One of the reasons for it’s diverse use, is it’s ability to be decorative.  Concrete floors can be stained like wood and sealed for easy maintenance and to add a sheen.  Concrete floor can be carved or cut into patterns or custom designs, and different colors can be used to make almost any design.  You can do a custom border, or logo and because concrete is one large floor finish you are not limited by tile squares or planks of wood.

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