This manufacturing facility uses a polyaspartic coating to protect their floor.

Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic coatings, sealants, and topcoats are a viable option for preserving industrial and concrete flooring. Düraamen of Boston has the skills and expertise to help you choose the appropriate coating for your industrial floor. Polyaspartic is a type of polyurea that has been refined over time as a means to resist corrosion and cracks, improve staining, and withstand the weight of expensive tools, vehicles, and technical equipment.

Polyaspartic coatings are perhaps the toughest coatings available and are ideal for use in industrial, manufacturing, commercial, and other facilities. It also can be applied over decorative floor treatments often found in commercial showrooms and conference centers.

So why use it? A chief benefit is that Düraamen of Boston specialists can apply it in nearly any temperature—from an airport hangar to a storage garage. We recommend it as a means to combat the effects of abrasions, corrosion, chemical spills, and discoloration that can compromise the strength and durability of industrial and concrete floors. With a polyaspartic coating, you won’t need to worry about hot-tire pickup or a dirty oil spill marring your industrial floor.

This coating also will:

  • bond easily to most concrete surfaces
  • cure to full strength in about an hour
  • are flexible enough to meld small cracks
  • can withstand high temperatures during application process
  • offer superior stain and ultraviolet resistance
  • emit low to zero VOC and odor
  • enhance the brilliance of decorative flooring

While epoxy coatings remain the standard bearer for industrial and concrete floors, increasingly, polyaspartic coatings are becoming the floor coating of choice for its flexibility, and superior quality. It takes less time to install and dry, allowing a manufacturing plant, airport hangar, packaging center, or a medical laboratory to experience a quick return to service.

Epoxy coatings are a reliable and long-wearing flooring sealant but are generally less flexible and less resistant to abrasion, cannot be applied in sub-zero temperatures, and may not be colorfast.

Düraamen of Boston considers polyaspartic coatings more durable than epoxy coatings and require minimal maintenance; a mere dry sweep and wet mop will keep your industrial floor in top shape. It also will preserve your industrial floor year in and year out without fading, cracking, or scratching.

Proper preparation and application is key. Düraamen of Boston has the creativity and know-how to handle your industrial and concrete flooring needs. Contact a Düraamen of Boston representative for expert advice and installation tips.