Boston, MA

Installing High Performance Decorative Concrete Flooring in Boston, MA

It is easy to under-appreciate the importance of a quality flooring system, as its many responsibilities are overlooked. Floors need to be attractive, sanitary and resistant to damage. Recently, more and more people are turning to polished concrete floors in Boston, MA in order to achieve flooring systems that will meet every one of these requirements.

Both residential and commercial property owners are increasingly turning to Duraamen to find skilled, knowledgeable and experienced floor coating contractors who can properly install industrial concrete floor coatings the first time around. This team of concrete floor and coating installers provides a wide variety of products and services, including decorative quartz flooring, urethane concrete flooring and numerous others.

Installing Commercial Kitchen Floors in Boston, MA

Commercial businesses that handle and process food have special flooring requirements that can best be met by self-leveling epoxy coatings. With the appropriate coatings, the flooring system can be designed to be resistant against excess moisture, fluctuations in temperature and bacteria.

Because the polished concrete floors are seamless, there are no openings across the surface where any food particles can hide. This increases safety, and also eliminates the need for staff to scrub grout lines.

Duraamen of Boston has provided:

  • Commercial kitchen floors
  • Polished concrete floors in restaurants
  • Flooring for food processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical seamless flooring

Decorative Concrete Flooring Is Both Practical and Eye Catching

Many people understand that urethane concrete flooring is extremely durable, but few realize that it can also be quite attractive. Duraamen offers designer epoxy coatings that can be stained, dyed and carefully applied to incorporate many different styles and colors. Clients can create truly artistic and original floors.

To speak with talented epoxy floor contractors in Boston, MA, contact Duraamen.