Dover, MA

The Surging Popularity of Decorative Concrete Flooring in Dover, MA

If you think concrete is only used for exterior walkways and epoxy garage flooring, it is time to take another look at the current applications available. In recent years, more and more architects and designers have begun to praise and utilize decorative concrete flooring in Dover, MA. Both residential and commercial clients are turning to the floor coating contractors at Duraamen for assistance with projects.

Seeing the Biggest Returns on Your Flooring Investment

When installing a new floor, you always want to look at the big picture and the long-term. You obviously want your flooring system to perform as long as possible. Industrial floor coatings provide a cost effective way to substantially reduce your floor maintenance and repair costs.

Duraamen provides clients with high performance solutions, such as urethane concrete flooring, in Dover, MA. Their floors are designed to withstand significant wear and tear. The floor coating contractors will work closely with the client in order to determine which floor-leveling products and industrial concrete coatings will deliver the desired long-term results for a particular project.

Using this client-centered approach, Duraamen has been able to successfully design and install:

  • Industrial kitchen flooring
  • Decorative concrete floors for department stores
  • Pharmaceutical seamless flooring
  • Urethane concrete flooring for industrial warehouses
  • Industrial floor coatings for laboratories
  • Flooring for food processing plants

These are just a few examples of the many types of Dover, MA commercial flooring options offered by Duraamen. The common link between all of these projects is that the epoxy floor contractors were able to create polished concrete floors that were seamless, easy to maintain and resistant to damage and wear.

For property owners that do not want to spend time and energy scrubbing dirt and grime from floors and grout lines, decorative concrete flooring is an excellent choice. Contact Duraamen today to learn more about the possibilities.