Franklin, MA

Discovering Your Commercial Flooring Options in Franklin, MA

When constructing or remodeling an industrial or commercial property, one of the pivotal decisions will be determining the right flooring system to use. Duraamen of Boston offers numerous high performance industrial concrete coatings in Franklin, MA that provide these property owners with great flooring options. Many of the solutions provided combine affordability with functionality.

Benefits of Selecting Self-Leveling Epoxy Coatings in Franklin, MA

Decorative and urethane concrete floors have been rising dramatically in popularity across nearly every single industry in the country over the last few years. Many industrial property owners have come to realize that urethane floor coatings are able to provide the protection needed against elements such as excessive moisture, extreme temperature fluctuations, chemical spills and many other factors that would damage weaker floors.

Duraamen offers many different types of industrial concrete coatings in Franklin, MA that are able to offer strength, attractiveness and longevity. The flooring systems installed by these experienced floor coating contractors often include protective topcoats that add increased resilience to specific hazards. For example, industrial kitchen flooring is often designed to be highly resistant to the growth of bacteria.

Benefits of Turning to Duraamen for Franklin, MA Floor Coating Contractors

You do not want to trust the installation of your industrial floor coatings to just anyone. To have the job completed right the first time, you will want to hire the experienced professionals at Duraamen, who are familiar with diverse application techniques and have provided:

  • Pharmaceutical seamless flooring
  • Decorative quartz flooring
  • Epoxy garage flooring
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Decorative concrete resurfacing
  • Commercial kitchen floors
  • Flooring for food processing plants

Whatever your concrete floor coating challenges may be, these well-versed epoxy flooring contractors will likely already know which solutions will provide the best results.

To begin designing your industrial floor coatings in Franklin, MA, schedule a consultation with Duraamen today.