Lowell, MA

Combining Form and Function Using Industrial Concrete Coatings in Lowell, MA

Whether they are in a home or business, flooring systems need to perform in multiple ways. The appearance of the floor can have a significant impact on the entire room and the floor must also be able to withstand substantial wear and tear. Duraamen provides decorative concrete flooring in Lowell, MA that provides the solutions needed for each of these challenges.

Installing Urethane Concrete Flooring that Will Perform

When installing flooring for food processing plants, factories, laboratories or other facilities where chemicals, moisture, bacteria and heavy machinery may be present, it is essential to have a durable concrete floor coating. This is just one instance where Duraamen can be of assistance.

These Lowell, MA floor coating contractors have installed industrial kitchen flooring, epoxy garage flooring and many other commercial flooring options for clients in the area. By listening to the clients’ needs, the contractors are able to design and install self-leveling epoxy flooring that is durable, resilient and easy to maintain.

Accessing All of the Decorative Concrete Flooring Options Possible

Duraamen consists of epoxy flooring contractors that are able to provide multiple solutions to any flooring challenges.

Their service areas are vast, and include:

  • Installing decorative concrete overlays
  • Providing floor-leveling products
  • Creating designer epoxy coatings
  • Installing decorative quartz flooring
  • Resurfacing polished concrete floors

Whether you are in need of pharmaceutical seamless flooring for your commercial facility, or if you want designer epoxy coatings that will impress your guests or customers, Duraamen can help you bring your vision into reality using top quality products and highly skilled technicians.

There are numerous private and commercial flooring options available today thanks to innovations such as decorative quartz flooring, decorative concrete flooring, and concrete stains and dyes.

Contact Duraamen today for help in navigating the many excellent possibilities.