Newton, MA

Your Resource for Premium Industrial Floor Coatings in Newton, MA

Even though it literally provides the foundation for a room, people often overlook the importance of a high quality floor. Whether you are in need of industrial concrete floor coatings for a commercial facility or if you want decorative concrete flooring for you home, the Duraamen floor coating contractors in Newton, MA can deliver superior results.

Stop Worrying About Floor Maintenance. Thanks to Self-Leveling Concrete

While homeowners may not want to spend time scrubbing grout lines, cleaning and buffing a floor in a large commercial property can be an absolute nightmare. Having self-leveling epoxy flooring that is resinous and seamless can certainly be a major advantage.

Duraamen often provides flooring for food processing plants, pharmaceutical seamless flooring and other industrial floor coatings and commercial flooring options in Newton, MA for property owners who want to reduce their maintenance costs and increase safety.

Coated and polished concrete floors remain glossy and impressive with just a bit of sweeping and light mopping. As there are no grout lines or openings, there are no crevices where dirt, grime or harmful substances can build or become lodged. Commercial kitchen floors that are seamless allow kitchen staff to save a lot of time and energy in regards to floor maintenance.

Creating a Resilient Floor with Designer Appeal

If your concrete floor coating is going to be seen by the public, you can use designer epoxy coatings to ensure that your space leaves a lasting, positive impression. Duraamen of Boston provides businesses in Newton, MA with decorative concrete flooring that can incorporate a wide variety of colors, designs, patterns and textures.

If you would like to explore your residential or commercial flooring options in Newton, MA, speak with a Duraamen representative today.