Sherborn, MA

Restoring Your Floors Using Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in Sherborn, MA

Many homes, businesses and industrial facilities rely upon interior and exterior concrete floors. Over the years, these floors may have fallen into disrepair, containing cracks, stains, discoloration and other flaws. Duraamen can vastly improve the appearance and functionality of these surfaces with the help of decorative concrete resurfacing in Sherborn, MA.

Duraamen provides many different commercial flooring options and services that can be used to enhance existing surfaces. These include:

Creating polished concrete floors – Using sophisticated equipment, the floor coating contractors in Sherborn, MA can create a glossy and sleek finish on the floor. The concrete polishing process is gradual, so it is possible to achieve a specific level of lasting sheen.

Using decorative concrete overlays – If the existing concrete floors have excessive damage or discoloration, this may show through on polished concrete floors. The answer then is to utilize decorative concrete overlays that will obscure any flaws. This can include using decorative quartz flooring that will mimic the appearance of a natural and elegant stone floor.

Applying designer epoxy coatings – Sherborn, MA epoxy flooring contractors can help you design and install concrete floor coating that incorporates all of the stylistic elements you desire. Using carefully blended stains and dyes, it is possible to create nearly any aesthetic.

Considering the Many Commercial Flooring Options in Sherborn

While many homeowners are utilizing self-leveling epoxy coatings in their residences, industrial floor coatings are exceptionally common.

Duraamen frequently installs:

  • Industrial kitchen flooring
  • Urethane floor coatings in factories
  • Pharmaceutical seamless flooring
  • Epoxy garage flooring in warehouses
  • Flooring for food processing plants

These are just a few examples of the many types of industrial concrete floor coatings applied by Duraamen throughout Sherborn.

Contact the Duraamen team to learn more about how your project can benefit from durable and attractive industrial floor coatings.