Somerville, MA

The Vast Possibilities of Decorative Concrete Flooring in Somerville, MA

If you associate concrete flooring with dull gray floors that should be confined to garages and warehouses, it is time for you to give these flooring solutions another look. A rapidly increasing number of commercial and residential property owners are choosing designer epoxy coatings in Somerville, MA for their homes, restaurants, retail stores and many other spaces. Let’s explore the many reasons why this trend is emerging.

Urethane Floor Coatings Deliver Incredible Strength and Durability

When it comes to commercial and industrial applications especially, flooring systems must be able to perform even under very harsh conditions. This is when industrial concrete floor coatings for Somerville, MA become very attractive options. The Duraamen floor coating contractors have all of the self-leveling epoxy flooring options that these facilities need in order to operate safely and effectively.

Urethane concrete flooring is among the strongest and sturdiest forms of flooring systems available. Duraamen often provides this, and other commercial flooring options, to businesses that need floors that can withstand stress, pressure, moisture, temperature shock and other factors. These systems have often provided flooring for food processing plants and industrial kitchen flooring in Somerville, MA.

Commercial Flooring Options that Are Both Strong and Attractive

In some commercial settings, the industrial floor coatings will be visible to customers or colleagues, and it is important that they combine both form and function appropriately. Duraamen offers designer epoxy coatings that deliver excellent solutions to this challenge.

With the help of decorative concrete overlays or coatings, it is possible to create original and artistic polished concrete floors. These surfaces can incorporate creative designs, or can be made to mimic natural stone, with the help of concrete dyes or stains.

To explore all of your designer concrete flooring options in Somerville, MA, schedule an appointment with Duraamen.