Waltham, MA

Where You Can Find Reliable Floor Coating Contractors in Waltham, MA

You cannot trust your industrial floor coatings to just anyone, especially if you want polished concrete floors that are going to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. For superior results, you will need professionals who are experienced in applying the latest, high quality self-leveling epoxy flooring products. Duraamen is home to the experienced epoxy flooring contractors in Waltham, MA that you require.

Why Experience is Crucial When Installing Industrial Concrete Coatings?

Not all concrete flooring systems are created equal. There are now numerous self-leveling concrete products and coatings available that are designed to provide different functions.

Duraamen can provide you with commercial flooring options that are designed to be resistant to:

  • Moisture
  • Chemicals
  • Heavy machinery
  • Temperature Shock
  • Bacteria

The floors can also be designed to be extremely smooth, or to include anti-slippage surfaces, which may be especially important for industrial kitchen flooring in Waltham, MA.

It is important to work with highly experienced floor coating contractors, such as those at Duraamen, who know how to create and properly install the industrial concrete coatings as needed for the particular project.

Solutions for Concrete Floors that Are in Need of Improvement

There are many property owners who have floors that are in need of decorative concrete resurfacing in Waltham, MA. Duraamen provides the resurfacing solutions necessary to completely transform the look and performance of an existing floor.

This can include using decorative concrete overlays to cover imperfections in the floor or creating polished concrete floors from the existing surfaces. Carefully blended concrete stains and dyes can be used to change the overall appearance of the decorative concrete flooring.

If you are interested in installing or resurfacing your concrete floor in Waltham, MA, contact Duraamen.