Watertown, MA

Protecting Your Floors with Urethane Concrete Flooring in Watertown, MA

A great way to support your business is to know that you have sturdy and dependable flooring beneath your feet, your team, your customers and your equipment. You’ve invested considerably in this facility, and urethane floor coatings can provide the reliable foundation that you require. Duraamen is home to the floor coating contractors in Watertown, MA who can aid you in this important process.

What Is Urethane Concrete Flooring?

Urethane is a form of industrial concrete floor coatings that is designed to withstand substantial amounts of pressure and stress. If your facility sees significant foot traffic, has many moving pieces of machinery, houses chemicals or has any other factors that could damage the floor, you will need concrete floor coating that will be resilient.

Duraamen has installed industrial floor coatings in Watertown, MA for numerous different types of industries and facilities. This includes installing commercial kitchen floors, flooring for food processing plants, polished concrete floors for retail establishments, pharmaceutical seamless flooring and many other flooring systems.

Greatly Reducing Time and Energy Expended on Floor Maintenance

The durable and decorative concrete flooring options provided by Duraamen are able to provide premium results with very little need for maintenance or upkeep. The floor coating contractors will install a protective topcoat that essentially creates a seamless shield across the surface of the floor.

This means that workers in commercial and industrial facilities are able to focus on their work, and the floor will simply require the occasional light mopping in order to remain clean. Polished concrete floors do not have crevices that would require hours of scrubbing, like other flooring systems might demand.

If you would like to learn more about how industrial concrete floor coatings in Watertown, MA could transform the way you operate, contact Duraamen for a consultation.