Wayland, MA

A Guide to Industrial Floor Coatings in Wayland, MA

When replacing or constructing new commercial kitchen floors, or any other flooring systems for industrial or commercial facilities, it is essential to choose products that are going to support the operations taking place in the building. Duraamen provides floor coating contractors in Wayland, MA who have the products and knowledge necessary to provide valuable solutions.

Understanding the Basics of Self Leveling Epoxy Coatings

Duraamen specializes in providing self-leveling epoxy flooring in Wayland, MA and the surrounding communities. These industrial concrete floor coatings are carefully designed and installed in order to create a protective and durable surface that can endure even in harsh and demanding settings.

These epoxy flooring contractors have experience creating flooring for food processing plants, industrial kitchen flooring and many other high performance polished concrete floors for clients throughout the area. These floors are extremely strong, and include protective topcoats that make the surface resistant to elements such as water, bacteria and damaging chemicals.

For many industrial properties, it is important that the self-leveling epoxy creates a seamless plane. Because the flooring is continuous, there are no joints or ledges that could trip employees or block moving equipment. It is a great advantage when creating flooring for food processing plants to have floors that are smooth and without openings where food particles could become trapped.

Using Decorative Concrete Flooring for Commercial and Residential Applications

The floor coating contractors at Duraamen will also frequently provide flooring systems for commercial businesses and homeowners who place a high priority on the appearance of the floors. Using designer epoxy coatings, the technicians are able to incorporate many artistic styles, inventive colors and creative application techniques. The result is a polished concrete floor that is both presentable and reliable.

To learn more about industrial concrete floor coatings in Wayland, MA, get in touch with Duraamen.