Weston, MA

Dependable and Professional Concrete Floor Coating in Weston, MA

Whatever your flooring needs may be – whether you are considering decorative concrete resurfacing or if you are in need of new industrial kitchen flooring in Weston, MA – Duraamen is where you will find epoxy floor contractors who can deliver the results you want.

Over the last decade, Duraamen has been raising the bar in regards to designing and installing decorative concrete flooring that is both visually pleasing and extremely durable.

During this time, Duraamen has provided clients with high quality:

  • Industrial kitchen flooring
  • Polished concrete floors for retail spaces
  • Pharmaceutical seamless flooring
  • Urethane floor coatings for loading docks
  • Flooring for food processing plants
  • Epoxy garage flooring

Duraamen’s industrial clients benefit from the self-leveling epoxy coatings in Weston, MA in numerous ways. First and foremost, the floors are designed to be durable and resilient in the face of significant stress and wear.

Secondly, the designer epoxy coatings are resinous, meaning that they create smooth and seamless surfaces. The sleek nature of the flooring systems makes them easier to keep clean and eliminates joints where bacteria could grow or equipment could become blocked.

More Residential Clients Choose Decorative Concrete Flooring in Weston, MA

Polished concrete floors are no longer just an option chosen by commercial and industrial property owners. An increasing number of homeowners are hiring epoxy flooring contractors for their home renovation projects.

Homeowners want to enjoy the many benefits provided by self-leveling epoxy flooring, such as affordable installation and low maintenance costs. Many of these individuals also choose decorative concrete flooring because of the numerous design options.

Designer epoxy coatings allow clients to incorporate artistic colors, patterns and styles into their polished concrete floors that other flooring materials would not allow.

Whether you are interested in learning more about residential or commercial flooring options in Weston, MA, the first step is to contact Duraamen.