Concrete Resurfacing (Interior)

As concrete floors get older, they deteriorate from excessive use or plain old age. As a result, the floors get stained, cracked, chipped and discolored. This surface deterioration may be gradual but it gives concrete floored spaces a dirty, un-kept look.

Business and home owners battling with discolored concrete have two options: either tear out the old concrete and replace it with new or get it resurfaced!

But why get concrete removed if it is in a generally good condition except for a few stains and cracks on the surface?

At Düraamen of Boston, we can make deteriorating, stained concrete look like new again without having to remove it and replace it!

The Düraamen Resurfacing Method

The first step is to clean and prepare the surface for resurfacing. The concrete surface is pressure-washed and etched with acid to give it the best clean possible. The surface may also be tested for moisture vapor emissions. Next, our trained technicians fill any cracks as well as the missing or flaking concrete with an epoxy.

Our concrete resurfacing solutions use high polymer modified self-leveling concrete, concrete micro topping and color products which are mixed as per the exacting requirements of the job. The self-leveling concrete is typically applied at a thickness of ¼ inches to 1 – 1/12 inches while the micro-toppings, or skim coats, are applied at thicknesses less than ¼ inches. These products adhere to the concrete surfaces firmly and become a part of it once dried thoroughly.

Your Color and Design Choices

Adding color to the concrete is a popular choice among our clients. We can not only create beautiful tinted concrete surfaces but also provide you with unique, customized concrete that matches your building’s or home’s exterior or carry any design of your choice.

The decorative designs are created with stencils or by taping the design onto the concrete manually. These designs as well as the resurfacing services are guaranteed to hold well in extreme weather conditions, so your home, office or warehouse can look great come rain or shine!

Order Your Concrete Resurfacing Services with Düraamen

Concrete resurfacing is an inexpensive method of getting your floors to look good as new. At Düraamen of Boston, we have many styles, colors, textures, stains and patterns to choose from. If you would like our resurface services for weather resistant, attractive and yet low maintenance finish, get an appointment today!