Decorative Quartz Flooring

Decorative quartz flooring is one of our best products because it looks like something right out of a grand fantasy!

Stylish, classy and full of character, decorative quartz can make any space look polished and sophisticated with minimal effort. Yes, finding large slabs of quartz is difficult and delicate work. But we create our quartz floors from the most reliable and high quality sources so you can enjoy the timeless elegance of decorative quartz flooring in your office, showroom, warehouse and even homes.

At Düraamen of Boston, we are proud to bring to you the best, most durable and most beautiful flooring solutions ever! Liquid granite and liquid terrazzo floors are also available. These also provide seamless, decorative floor coatings.

These floors may sound delicate, but we have worked with products and created amazingly resilient and eye-catching floors for showrooms, garages, restaurants, kitchens and washrooms, all high traffic areas with an additional emphasis on classy finishings.

So when you want decorative quartz flooring, perfect for residential and commercial use, you can count on Düraamen of Boston.

Düraamen Decorative Quartz: When You Just Can’t Compromise!

Quartz may look a bit too beautiful for it, but in fact, quartz is one of the most durable minerals. It is tougher than steel! And these qualities make it the perfect candidate for a beautiful flooring solution. It is good to look at and lasts ages with minimal care. This has made decorative quartz flooring great for education, retail and commercial spaces.

Our quartz flooring solutions are also:

  • resilient,
  • slip resistant,
  • stylish,
  • comfortable,
  • durable, and
  • economical.

We can also provide quartz surface finishes ensuring the prolonged life of the underlying floor.

Quartz Flooring: Stunning and Distinctive

We offer a large number of color options and surface finishes in decorative quartz flooring for commercial as well as industrial use. Refer to our gallery to see examples of the unique beauty and durability of decorative quartz floors.

Quartz floors do not allow dirt or mildew to build up and have slip resistant textures. We have a wide selection of coating finishes, color and textures for you to select from. And you can rest assured that all the patterns and colors unique to your decorative quartz floors will remain just as beautiful through the decades.

Our flooring systems are designed to keep costs at a minimum while giving you the best services from our professional flooring experts who have more than 3 decades of experience in creating awe-inspiring flooring solutions.

Your Flooring, Your Choice, Your Advantage: That’s The Düraamen Way!

From commercial kitchens to museums and galleries, our decorative quartz flooring solutions can adorn and beautify any space in need of low maintenance and high class floors. You want floors that are economical, seamless, hygienic and great to look at, we give you decorative quartz.

Call us right now and let’s figure out how our services can help your project be a raving success!