Designer Epoxy Coatings

At Duraamen of Boston, we always strive to bring you the best and most innovative flooring solutions. Our dazzling epoxy coatings create unique, beautiful and highly durable floors. These designer floors have dynamic, color changing features that can be given a high floss or satin finish. Perfect for hotels, casinos, offices, restaurants and residential floors, these designer epoxy coatings will give your floors a new pizzazz.

Our designer epoxy coatings use a metallic mica pigment that is distributed in a variety of ways to create smooth floors with an incomparable, 3D quality. Our flooring professionals have the necessary expertise in all epoxy coating application techniques. This means that no matter what you sort of designer finish you require, we can create it. From elegant to exotic, super-shiny to office appropriate satins, and everything else in between.

When you want flooring that is absolutely unique, just like you, nothing works better than our designer epoxy coatings.

Unmatched Beauty And Durability: Duraamen Epoxy Coatings!

Our technicians give your floors a new life with the seamless artistic floors and then seal their hard work with a durable finish that will last for decades to come. They start off by applying a solid, translucent epoxy right on top of your existing floors. This carefully formulated epoxy solution also includes metallic pigments or colored metal powders or pigments that are blended and integrated carefully to create a design that is perfect for you.

You have the ultimate creative license and complete control over the process as the colors, designs, textures and patterns created by designer epoxy coatings are all cleared by you before we start. At Düraamen of Boston we have a large selection of shades that various degrees of reflective finishes. We can also customize the metallic look of the designer coating to make it understated or bold. Whether you want a slight glimmer and subtle color shifts to your floors or dramatic color changes and bleeds, we can deliver it all while ensuring the best, most breathtakingly beautiful floors you have laid eyes on!

Duraamen Designer Epoxy Floors: The Process

An epoxy coating for your floors will only be effective when the technicians can give it a smooth, even, sleek finish to help the metallic undertones shine through. This is why we start off by ensuring that the floor underneath is perfectly level.

Our designer epoxy coatings work best on smooth concrete underlayments. These may have to be installed if you have a plywood, VCT or tiled floors. It will take our technicians anywhere up to a week depending on the complexity of the job, to get the job done in its entirety. And once we are done with the coatings, you won’t have to do much to maintain the floors.

Metallic Designer Epoxy Coatings: Your Imagination Is The Limit!

Contact us at 617.564.0650 to order an original finish for your floors. No job is too big, so let’s sit down and talk about how we can give your buildings or homes artistic, tailor-made floorings that are unbelievably beautiful!