Garage Floor Coatings

Want to add color and class to your commercial or residential garage?

Look no further than our garage floor coatings. Our flooring experts can turn your gray, drab garage floors into an expression of your style and tastes. He end result is an aesthetically pleasing garage floor that is long wearing, hides imperfections and compliments your car’s perfectly.

Our heavy duty garage floor coatings are epoxy-based and an economical way of giving your garage a much-deserved makeover. These floor coatings can also camouflage tire marks, are resilient to stains and can hide small imperfections as well. We can also include decorative quartz flooring solutions and paint chips to give your garage floors a completely unique new look that is bound to garner praises!

Garage Floor Coatings- The Duraamen Method

Our flooring experts ensure the safety of your establishment first and foremost. We’ll help cover up all the walls and equipment present in your garage before we start off with the job.

Next, we ensure that surface is clean and ready for application of the coating. For best results, we use a 3 step installation process that ensures long lasting, beautiful floors. We start off with a base coat or primer. It is applied in a thin, even layer and used to ensure that all the other layers properly adhere to the floors.

Next comes the base coat. This coating can be mixed with a large number of additives to give the floor a decorative look. And once this has dried up, we top off the floors with a sealant to ensure additional durability. It also helps protect your new garage floor from damaging effects of oils, grease, chemicals and moisture.

Durable, Functional And Beautiful Garage Floors

And did we tell you that you can select garage floor coatings comes in hundreds of design variations?

When you work with us for a garage floor face lift, you are spoilt for choices! Do you want floors that look like the very classy granite and terrazzo tiles, or do you want an even more sophisticated color base with multicolor flecks in it?

Our garage floor coating solutions provide a superior wear surface that can weather through rough usage. Walk on it or drive on it, our garage flooring solutions won’t budge! We use only the highest quality products during the coating process. So you can rest assured that there will not be any harmful chemicals or foul odors from your garage after the coating job is done.

So let us give your garage floors a whole new dimension. Call us up or email to find out more about our garage floor coatings.