Industrial Flooring Systems

At Düraamen of Boston, we offer completely customized solutions for industrials floors, for use in even the most demanding environments.

We understand the rigors that an industrial floor is put through. This is why we have created our customized industrial flooring systems to withstand high- intensity use and look amazing while doing that!

You can count on our industrial flooring systems to be:

  • beautiful
  • low maintenance
  • cost-effective
  • clean and hygienic.

Our floor designing and installation services can save you costs, stress and time later on!

Does Your Business Need Industrial Flooring Solutions?

Industries, laboratories, workshops etc usually choose concrete as their go-to flooring solution. Concrete is strong and economical but it isn’t indestructible. The concrete floors start showing wear and tear within a few years of installation. And this is when our industrial flooring systems come in handy.

We can make your industrial floors durable, give it the ability to fight off chemicals and stave off cracks, discolorations and other defects.

Our experienced professionals can apply dust proof coatings, remove old times, prepare the concrete underneath for a new resin system, and give the floors a chemical resistant, anti-bacterial finish that is also non-slip and anti-static.

You can depend on us for everything, from the preparation to the installation of your industrial flooring systems. Our protective flooring systems for industrial and commercial use, are suitable for application on concrete, steel, wood, asphalt and quarry.

Industrial Flooring Services: We Give You The Choice!

Düraamen of Boston helps elongate the life of concrete underlayments with our epoxy industrial flooring systems. These floors are not only great to look at but also form a protective barrier that protects the concrete floor from moisture and other industrial elements that may cause harm.

You get to benefit from the strength and durability of concrete without worrying about abrasions, corrosion, or discoloration.

Depending upon your needs and objectives for your floor, we can install:

  • High Build Epoxy Systems – featuring an epoxy body coat and a polyurethane or polyasporatic protective topcoat.
  • Trowel Applied Epoxy Mortar Systems – with a thick resin blend that is especially effective for heavy-wear industrial settings.
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy Systems – excellent for settings where achieving a seamless, even floor is vital.

At Düraamen of Boston, we are able to make the best of the extensive knowledge of our specialists. Our experts are well-versed in flooring solutions, products and are always available to help you make the right decision. When you want comprehensive industrial flooring services that are there for you from per-qualification through to final installation, you call up on us.
Our phone number is 617.564.0650.