Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors can completely transform your concrete flooring. Designers, builders and homeowners are drawn to concrete screening services because of the unique results that can only be achieved by professionals who are experts at combining colors and application techniques.

Our stained concrete floor experts can add to the beauty of your home, showroom or office. In fact, we are sure that you won’t be able to recognize the floors once we are done with them!

Concrete staining is an easy and cost-effective method of beautifying dull, drab, gray concrete floors. It enhances the way a concrete surface looks by using transparent, reactive stains. This gives extraordinary detail, depth and color to the most ordinary of concrete surfaces.

Stained concrete floors are also an environmentally friendly way of revitalizing your home.

Creating Concrete Stain: The Duraamen Method

Our professional experts use acid stains, concrete dyes and water-based stains to give your concrete surface a new versatility.

We always start off by cleaning the concrete surface thoroughly. It is important to ensure that the surface is clear of any defects, oil stains and rust stains so that the end result is a uniformly beautiful color and effect that is pleasing to the eyes.

Each concrete floor is different, and therefore responds uniquely to the staining process and products. This is why our jobs produce identifiable, one-of-a-kind results. A sample is created on an inconspicuous spot on your concrete surface before we go ahead with the rest of the floor. This initial sample helps us time the work and figure out a particular stain’s reaction on a specific substrate.

Once our experts and clients agree on the color, effects and designs that should adorn the floor, we go ahead with the job full speed.

Creating stained concrete floors is a creative and highly artistic exercise. Our staining experts utilize a wide variety of colors and hues to achieve a look that goes perfectly with the rest of your palette to modify your concrete floors from unsightly underlay to pieces of statement art.

Types Of Stains: You Choose, We Use!

The choices are endless really. Once our experts are done telling you how many designs and effects we can produce in a matter of days, you will be left wondering why you covered up the floors with carpet and wood flooring in the first place.

  • Chemical or Acid Stain: The color options are limited to earth tones and soft blues and greens.
  • Water-Based Stain: There is no limit to the colors and hues we can create with water based stains.
  • Concrete Dye: This too gives an unlimited selection of colors that can be mixed and diluted to create custom hues.
  • Integral Color: Color selection is limited to earth tones and pastel colors. Perfect for staining external concrete floors.
  • Dry-Shake Color Hardener: This gives a decent enough variety of colors, but these colors are more muted compared to dyes or water-based stains.

All these methods can be used indoors and outdoors. The selection mainly depends on the age of your concrete floors and how much we have to get the job done.

Where Do You Want Your Concrete Stained?

From walkways, patios, pool-sides to family rooms and basement floors, we have got you covered!

Call us now and let us give you stained concrete floors that add to the majesty and uniqueness of your space.