Urethane Concrete Flooring

When selecting the right concrete flooring is imperative for the success of your business, you can depend on us!

At Duraamen of Boston, we can create urethane concrete flooring that can be subjected to the rigors of abrasive chemicals, constant cleaning and extreme temperature conditions and still perform like a star. You need floors that are heavy duty, corrosion resistant and sanitary. Our urethane coated concrete floors can meet all the requirements for extensive industry usage and perform just as well in food processing and commercial kitchen environments.

Urethane Concrete- For A Floor That Lasts!

Imagine seamless, smooth, monolithic floors that are evenly spread throughout your establishment.

But that’s not it!

Our urethane concrete flooring is also resistant to thermal shock, bacteria growth and pretty much all types of physical abuse. So when you want to be absolutely sure that your floors remain tough, durable and clean in the most extreme industrial environments, you have got to go the Duraamen way.

Urethane concrete flooring is an effective solution for your organization because it is odorless and is good to use pretty soon after installation. Food industries and industrial kitchens all over the world find this flooring can handle the most strenuous activities.

You will find that our urethane concrete flooring solutions can satisfy the needs set forth by USDA standards.

At Düraamen of Boston, we offer two types of urethane concrete installations:

  • Light to Medium Duty (Self Leveling Grade) –
  • Applied at 1/16” to 1/4” thickness. Our professional flooring experts can cover this up with decorative sands as well as topcoats, although it is highly inadvisable in manufacturing environments.

  • Heavy Duty (Trowel Grade) –
  • Applied at 1/4” to 1/2” thickness. This type requires a lot of skill and experience for good application. Our flooring experts provide the best of products and flooring services to make it a great flooring experience for you.

Our Floors Can Handle All The Stress…. And Then Some!

If you have brick or tile flooring, they may be able to perform well under the usual circumstances. But fast-paced industrial usage subjects floors to extreme thermal cycles and pressure. Water or chemicals may permeate the floor joints necessitating full floor replacement. Otherwise your floor runs the risk of bacteria growth. So why wait and fall prey to the expensive, stressful and time consuming option?

Get your floors covered without urethane concrete flooring. It is completely free of any cracks at joints and can easily accommodate expansion and contraction from thermal changes.

So let us help you get the best flooring for industrial use. Get in touch today to find out more!